Care Packages

Care Packages

Our care packages are put together based on the family's needs and the type of loss they are experiencing. Our prayer is that this care package brings some hope to the grieving family and helps them to feel that they are not alone during this painful journey.

The Oaklyn Foundation tries to help as many families as possible throughout the year and runs solely on donations given. Our care packages range from $30-$55 depending on the materials we have on hand at the time of the request. In order to help us serve as many families as possible, a minimum donation of $20 is required to request a care package at this time to cover shipping and handling costs. To request a care package, please fill out the form below.

Request a Care Package

questions, comments, or concerns along with a brief summary about the family and child lost to better help us love on this family

$20 is required above the donation amount in order to help assist with costs associated with shipping and handling.

Once you hit next, you'll be directed to PayPal to enter payment info.